The morn begins with V-TAC

What is the first thing you think of in the morning? Yes, the coffee that makes us forget how sleepy we are ... Now, think about why you are visiting your favourite café? The obvious answer will be the nice coffee, the food or the bartender, but the much finer factor is the role of lighting and its ability to make you feel cosy. Consciously or not, this has a great impact on how you perceive a place and will determine whether you visit it again.

V-TAC turns your kitchen into a culinary heaven

One of the most family-friendly holidays after Christmas is Easter. This is the time when the family reunites to make their favourite Easter cakes or to colour the eggs. These fun activities take place in one of the most visited places at home - the kitchen.

Bad lighting is toxic

"Bad lighting is toxic", said Mariah Carey, who is constantly in the spotlight and good make-up is an important part of her whole appearance. In March we’re going to tell you about how important good light is for ladies’ beauty and confidence.

Every make-up artist and hairdresser acknowledges that in their business, a big part of the budget is invested in the right lighting. It has to be as close to natural light as possible so that all colours can be seen for what they truly are. LED lighting is a very close approximation.

Parks need V-TAC

Just as people need a rest and sunshine, so do parks need V-TAC. With the arrival of the first warmer days, green areas in cities become more and more preferable as places to meet people and lighting there is very important at night, because it ensures a safe, secure and enjoyable environment for those that take walks there. But this is very expensive. To reduce costs a lot of US and Australian parks have opted for LEDs.

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