Proper lighting improves sales

Refrigerator display lighting is among the most sophisticated LED applications. Since fluorescent tubes can be replaced with LED strips and thus enable the reduction of energy consumption, traders started to rely on them on a wider scale.

V-TAC takes care of the children

Pretty often in the big cities, the nearest children’s playground is one of the few places to play outside. As warm days are coming, most children and their families spend their free time there and stay in parks until the evening.

Preserving Books

All books – from dog-ear books at home to unique tomes at public libraries – need quality LED lighting. It ensures not only better reading conditions but also doesn’t heat the place, which would be detrimental to fragile printed editions.

LEDs’ clear design, the ability to direct the light to certain tomes or signs, as well as the low power consumption is only a few of the advantages of this technology. These lights also help with finding editions more easily and create a more attractive, modern and elegant atmosphere in the whole library.

V-TAC for those who are active

Smartphones have long become an integral part of our daily lives, whether we arrange meetings, send emails, take pictures of favourite places, drive a car or listen to music. Technological companies are working hard to facilitate these activities and to enable users to reach maximum comfort.

Turn your bar into a top location

If the warm weather already makes you smile, and the lack of snow in the mountains has brought you back to town, it is time to visit your favorite bars and restaurants. With the higher temperatures, the battle starts yet again for the restaurants with the best gardens where the visitors seek to escape from the noise.

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We are V-TAC – a trusted LED supplier in Europe - the European team of the multinational company V-TAC, with offices in Bulgaria (Sofia), Great Britain (London), UAE (Dubai), India (Mumbai), Hungary (Budapest), Romania (Bucharest), and Austria (Vienna).

Our logistical hub in Sofia has reached square surface area of 40 000 square meters.

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