LED Therapy for Winter Depression

The cold and cloudy weather, combined with the dark tones of what surrounds us outside, often leads to winter depression. It’s directly related to the decrease of serotonin, which is also known as “the happiness hormone”. This process speeds up with the shortening of the bright part of the day. Then we spend longer periods at home and feel the presence of the artificial light a lot more.

This is where LEDs, which come in a rich variety of colours, come into play. Psychologists are firm in their claims that light really affects people both psychologically and emotionally. Even if we don’t notice colours, they affect us. Different shades can shape our mood and improve it.

V-TAC at the Gym

At the beginning of every new year, we think about the weight we have gained. It is time to renew or start doing sport. But the question is, what to choose? It’s cold outside and our favourite games in the park aren’t a good idea, so go to the gym instead.

For a more enjoyable work-out at the gym, the lighting in the hall is very important. It needs to be of good quality so that it doesn’t harm our eyes but comes close to natural light as much as possible. That’s why V-TAC LED lighting, whose advantages span beyond the lower energy bills, is the best choice.

The future of cities: LED street lights

Imagine a high-tech, greener, developed city... To fight pollution and achieve a more environmentally friendly way of life, street lights are replaced with the more efficient LED technology in more and more places. London, Las Vegas, New York and Los Angeles are but a few of the cities that chose to meet the standards of the 21st century.

LED ski slopes

In the “heat” of the snow season and holidays, winter sports are a favourite pastime for many of us. We turn our attention to the snowboard or skis in our cupboards even after the very first snowflakes. Night driving, which can be added to the list of favourites, is a fun thing to do and why not make is more environmentally friendly and safe?

Why not a smart LED zebra?

As LED lighting has taken over nearly every moment of our daily lives and many cities around the world have completely replaced their street lights with LEDs, the time of smart zebras has come as well.

Imagine a zebra crossing whose surface is lined by LEDs that light up your way when you cross. This light signals both to drivers and to cyclists that there are pedestrians crossing. In this way, even if you are hidden by the trees along the pavement or distracted by your phone, crossing becomes much safer. This is also an option that is significantly more secure for children, who are much more likely to rush out in the street without thinking of their safety.

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