Relaxed summer nights with V-TAC

Whether you prefer the comfort of the garden or the terrace of your own home, the romance of the beach or the tranquillity of the mountain, you need good lighting. LEDs can meet the needs of each of these ways of spending your leisure time outdoors.

Let there be aquarium light!

Whether you own a large dolphinarium that attracts many visitors, or you are fascinated with the deep sea and you have made it part of your home, proper lighting is a key part of achieving good results. LED lights are not only much more suitable for underwater residents, but they will also save you a lot of energy costs.

Let there be Light-emitting Diodes!

Regardless of whether you dive in the daytime or at night, safety comes first. In recent years LEDs have been replacing old bulbs by ensuring brighter, more natural light, longer life and lower power consumption.

Additionally, LED technology has made lamps much lighter and more compact. There are also products that allow control over the level of brightness, which increases functionality. The instant start is another major advantage – there is no need to wait for diodes to reach maximum brightness.

Smooth sailing with V-TAC

Smooth sailing and round-the-world sailing are two very nice things. To achieve the latter you only need to buy a ticket for a fancy cruise but to achieve smooth sailing in life, you need more effort.

To offer a more comfortable journey to their passengers, large transport companies strive towards various improvements. Choosing LEDs for ships is becoming more and more prominent because of the much lower power consumption and longer life compared to traditional bulbs.

To the Seaside with V-TAC

A summer holiday is always a great idea, seaside or mountains. If you are a camper fan and tour close or remote destinations on four wheels, you need to pay attention to every detail to guarantee yourself good memories.

Lighting is of the utmost importance, especially for smaller spaces. The best solution for them is LEDs. They do not heat up like regular light bulbs, which makes them completely safe for children who could reach camper light sources more easily.

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We are V-TAC – a trusted LED supplier in Europe - the European team of the multinational company V-TAC, with offices in Bulgaria (Sofia), Great Britain (London), UAE (Dubai), India (Mumbai), Hungary (Budapest), Romania (Bucharest), and Austria (Vienna).

Our logistical hub in Sofia has reached square surface area of 40 000 square meters.

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